Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thank you Sitecore Community 2019

Amazing how fast 2019 has come and gone. So many hours spent working on and talking about Sitecore. In this post I share my appreciate for those donating through GitHub Sponsors.

GitHub Sponsors

It was a huge surprise to me this year when GitHub accepted my request (due to nominations) for the Beta program of GitHub Sponsors. If you've not heard about it you can read more about it here.

I was so excited the signup started for the beta program. Then much to my surprise the Sitecore community rallied behind me and helped nominate me. I'm confident this increased my chances of getting into the program. Now GitHub Sponsors is out of beta so you too can apply.

Shortly after the sponsors started to sign up one by one. I'm forever grateful for your contributions. In 2019 these beautiful people found me worthy of supporting.

Then I was like


So you might be asking yourself, "Why support Michael West?". I'm a contributor to the module Sitecore PowerShell Extensions and this requires quite a bit of personal time. I've enjoyed working on it these past several years and your support helps keep me going. If you feel like now is the time you would like to join in then by all means click this link right here!

How have the donations been spent?

  • Purchased beer and root beer at various establishments.
  • Loaded up on 100% Maple Syrup. Don't judge.
  • Renewed SnagIt and Camtasia for the 2019 maintenance year.
  • Covered some expenses for the Sitecore Symposium 2019 trip.
  • Ordered new SPE gifts (stickers, coasters, buttons, etc.). If you are a sponsor and for some reason I haven't given you any of this please let me know. I'll ship it to you right away.
Photo of Michael and Adam
Photo of Michael and Adam at Symposium
Thank you so much to all those who donated through GitHub Sponsors.