Monday, August 27, 2018

Little Book of Sitecore PowerShell Tips

My friend Neil Shack released an excellent series of books that every Sitecore enthusiast should have entitled The Little Book of Sitecore Tips. I am honored to be a technical reviewer in the second edition and very much appreciate him giving me the opportunity. In this post I share details about how I would like to release a sister series called The Little Book of Sitecore PowerShell Tips.

The Vision

The Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module is an amazing add-on available for Sitecore. Those using it would agree that it provides incredible flexibility and opportunity for feature development. Even the documentation is amazing. The user base for SPE stretches around the globe, with each individual bringing a unique perspective.

Since the module is built by the community, I would like to give the community an opportunity to help build a book of their best tips and tricks.

The Mission

Before a book can be published there needs to be content. While I may have some experience with SPE, I don't have all the best ideas about what tips and tricks mean the most to new and seasoned users of the module. I'm requesting that anyone that has used the module submit their best tips.

I would like the best tips to be included in the book, with credit to the submitter on the same page as the tip. Just think, if you submit a great tip your name could be published in the book!

The Plan

Please follow this link to submit your ideas. Once I have enough I'll organize them by most creative and helpful. I appreciate your help. Let's built something awesome!

Here's a picture of Neil.

Neil Shack
Hi, this is Neil. Buy his books please. Thx.

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